Automation made simple

Stay connected and updated with your home accessories


With HomeKit you can get status updates directly to your iPhone


Don't sweat the small things, automate it

Purposefully Designed

  • Light Switch

    We realize that it's difficult to scan something that's attached to a wall, so all our light switches are NFC tap-to-pair ready

  • Outlet

    Our design allows for two outlets to be plugged into the wall simultaneously and ensures that there are no unnecessary blockages

  • Motion Sensor with LED

    Light the way or scare away, with our LED motion sensor you can set your preferences directly from our free app

  • Contact Sensor

    Attach our wireless contact sensor to doors or windows and have a peace of mind knowing the status, no matter where you are

Product Spotlight

Outlet (KUL100)

Bluetooth Outlet
  • Energy Consumption

    Monitor how much energy your accessory is using

  • HomeKit Ready

    Our outlet pairs directly to your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to create a simple and seamless experience

  • Bluetooth 5.0

    Increased reliability and performance in congested environments

  • Over-the-air Updates

    All software updates are accomplished hassle free with a click of a button 

Kopi Connected App

  • App Store

    Download for free from the App Store and gain access to even more features and customizations for your products

  • Set Scenes

    Turn your everyday essentials into smart home accessories and automate them with scenes and actions 

  • Status Log

    From our Kopi Connected App we help you log and keep track of all your recent status changes from your accessories


Things you need to know

Requires an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch and is recommended to be on iOS 11 or later. Controlling your accessories automatically or remotely requires an AppleTV with tvOS 11 or iPad with iOS 11 or later set up as a home hub

Data Connection

To control your devices and receive updates remotely, a data connection is required for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Kopi Connected App

Required to access advanced features, preferences and logs